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Young Visual Art, Nuori Taide in Finnish, is a continuous cluster of activities and a forum for young people to present their visual art and artistic expression. It organizes national Nuori Taide events every two years as well as regional and local workshops, trainings, and seminars. The Young Visual Art is a form of cultural youth work, specialised in visual art, and operated by the Art Centre for Children and Young People in Finland.

Within the framework of the Young Visual Art, young people are given opportunities to present and exhibit their artworks and other arts-based activities. They get chances to work with professionals of the art field and to receive valuable feedback from them. Through the Young Visual Art's activities, young people get chances to experience new things with other young art makers.

The Young Visual Art develops its activities in cooperation with youth, experts of youth work, and art and visual culture professionals.

Activities are targeted for young people aged 13 to 28, depending on the nature of the activity.

The Young Visual Art operates alongside Young Culture which is focusing on dance, theatre and music in the field of cultural youth work. Another long-term partner is Amos Rex art museum and its Generation exhibitions.



Taide\Folio is an interactive web page for young art makers and those interested in and enthusiastic about art.
In Creatives young people can show their art works free of charge. In Discussions registered users of any age can discuss art-related topics. Taide\Folio can be used in Finnish and English.

Taide\Folio is administered by the Young Visual Art.

Read more and register from this link. 

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Guidebook for Reactive eco crisis art practice

All possible people and means are needed to stop the eco-crisis!

Can frustration and concern about the eco-crisis be transformed into action and positive change through art? What is eco-crisis art action like? This guide explains how art can be used to change thinking and actions related to the eco-crisis.

Reactive eco-crisis art practice is a multidisciplinary method used in art education and when working with young people. This guide offers tools, tips and questions to steer action towards art activism. Everyone can use the guide and combine it with their own competences in a variety of environments. The guide encourages art, youth and educational professionals to cooperate, make use of experts from different fields and young people’s experiences and views

The Young Visual Art co-designed the guide with a visual artist and researcher Sonja Salomäki and a group of youth work and art education professionals from Finland, Poland and Slovenia as well as 10 young people interested in climate activism and art.

Download Guidebook for Reactive eco crisis art practise here.

Finnish version can be dowloaded here Opas reaktiiviseen ekokriisitaidetyoskentelyyn.

Nuori Taide events


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Kaksi henkilöä istumassa jakkaroilla. Katselevat tv-ruutua jossa on kuva henkilön kasvoista.

Mentoring session with art professional in Nuori Taide 2019 event in the City of Jyväskylä.

National Nuori Taide events offer young people aged 13 to 23 years a chance to present and exhibit their visual art and other artistic expression, meet other young art makers, and receive feedback from art professionals. In addition, events include art workshops, speeches and performances, and changing programmes. Every event is different based on its participants' wishes, topical themes and changing locations.

The events are primarily targeted at hobbyists but art students and young independent newcomer artists are welcome too.

At the event, art work and other artistic expression can be presented and exhibited in various ways, such as at exhibition stands, on screen, in workshops, in the form of performances, and/or as a lecture or talk. Participants can also propose their own way to present their artistic work and interests. The event may expand in an urban space from the indoors venue. The artworks and other arts-based initiatives can be created and presented as individuals or groups. The major language of the events in Finnish, but some programmes can be offered in Swedish, Sami or English.

For the youth willing to present their artistic work in the events, signing up is free of charge. Open call invites youth to register via online registration form. A way to participate is tried to provide for all. Information and signing up dates will be available in this website and the Young Visual Art's other media a couple of months before the upcoming event. Traveling and accommodation cost need to be covered by the participants themselves.

Participation for the audience is free of charge.

Next Nuori Taide 2023 event is planned for Helsinki in May 2023. The programme is curated by the Young Visual Art's team together with 11 volunteer young art makers. The group of volunteer production and curatorial assistants is organising next open call in autumn 2022.

Earlier Nuori Taide events

Nuori Taide 2021, online

Second Nuori Taide 2021 event was held online on 22nd of May 2021 at 11-17. Originally, the event was planned for city of Pori but it was changed to online due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation in the world. The event gathered over 700 participants in Zoom and YouTube Live streams. The programme included art works and other artistic initiatives from 67 young art makers. Additionally, the event included the launch of Taide\Folio, interviews, panel discussion, closed and open meetings with art professionals, performances, art workshops, and award ceremony of the Värkkäilykisa maker competition.

Henkilö seisoo valkoisen ständin takana.

Interview of the creator of famous Instagram profile @muijavaara and illustrator Venla Vaattovaara


Panels discussion about representation of young artists in art galleries. Panelists (starting from the send in the left): media artist Aliina Kemppainen, visual artist Johanna-Josefina Alanko and photography artists Svante Gullichsen. 

Find more info about the event from this link (the page is in Finnish). The stream of the event is not available afterwards.

Nuori Taide 2019, Jyväskylä

First Nuori Taide event was launched in the city of Jyväskylä on 25nd of May 2019. The event included art exhibitions and performances by the young art makers, panel discussion, interview of visual artist Emma Ainala, and workshops. The event took place in the Jyväskylä City Theatre.

Kaksi henkilöä istumassa pöydän äärellä sivulta päin kuvattuna. Pöydällä neuleita ja maalauksia. Yksi henkilö seisoo heidän vieressään. Taustalla seinämään kiinnitettyjä teoksia.

Young art makers exhibiting their artworks at the exhibition stands

Kaksi nuorta piirtää pienille paperilapuille. Pöydällä on kyniä, papereita ja kaksi puhelinta. Taustalla sohvaryhmä jossa istuu yksi henkilö.

Sticker workshop

Selkäpuolelta kuvattuja henkilöitä, yhdellä henkilöllä t-paita jonka selkäpuolella Nuori Taide-logo. He katsovat edessä olevaa keskusteluryhmää.

Panel discussion about "Why I do what I do"

Nuori Taide workshops and trainings

In co-operation with local actors, Nuori Taide organises workshops for young people and professionals working with them. For the youth, workshops offer encouragement to try and use artistic and arts-based methods in their studies, work and lives. The workshop experience may be the start of a new hobby and strengthen young people's skills and knowledge of the field of visual culture.

In the professional workshops, the focus is on instructing, supporting, counselling, and training the local and regional actors so that they could encourage young people to exhibit their work and participate in Nuori Taide events and Generation exhibitions.

The workshops are carried out both with organisations and young people.

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Värikäs graffitimaalaus.


The form and content of Young Visual Art is never brought to completion, it is never exhausted. It is a cluster of activities that can be filled up with ideas and actions by young people, youth work and visual art professionals.

What Young Visual Art could be? Feel free to contact us and let’s discuss your ideas!

More info about the Young Visual Art's current projects offered in Finnish. 


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Henkilön muotokuva

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