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Upcoming workshops, events, trainings, exhibitions, and art residencies

  • Book Taide\Folio training for your art hobby group, all year around
  • Workshop in collaboration with Hypecon, June 2024
  • Performative arts workshop in collaboration with Mad House Helsinki, early autumn 2024
  • Nuori Taide 2025 event in collaboration with City of Tampere Youth work Department Youth Cultural Centre Monitoimitalo 13, 17th May 2025 in Tampere
  • Art residency for Generation 2026 artists in collaboration with Amos Rex art museum, summer 2025

More information of activities on the Young Visual Art's Finnish web site

Mirka Huhteling exhibiting their visual art in the Nuori Taide 2023 event.

Mirka Huhtelin exhibiting their art in the Nuori Taide 2023 event. Photo Linnea Laatikainen


Young Visual Art (Nuori Taide in Finnish) is a nationwide forum for visual art makers aged 13–28. It organises art exhibitions, art residencies, workshops, trainings, and Nuori Taide events for young art makers as well as those working closely to visual culture created by young people. In addition, it maintains Taide\Folio portfolio website and showcases young artists on Instagram.

Nuori Taide events are organised every second year in different cities in Finland. Events gather hundreds of young art makers to exhibit and sell their art, organise workshops and discussion programme as well as performances. In the event, young art professionals work as mentors or discussion partners of young art hobbyists. Content is created together with 15 young volunteer production assistants and regional partners. Next Nuori Taide 2025 event takes a place on 17th May 2025 in the city of Tampere and it is produced in collaboration with the city of Tampere's Youth Cultural Centre Monitoimitalo 13.

Kaksi henkilö istuu lavalla, taustalla diaesitys, jossa on kuvia maalauksista, yleisössä istuu kymmeniä ihmisiä.

Generation triennale's artists Juho Könkkölä and Alina Uura discuss their careers and exhibition experiences in the Nuori Taide 2023 event in Helsinki. Photo Linnea Laatikainen

All Young Visual Art's activities are conducted in collaboration with young people, as well as youth work and visual art professionals. Long term partners include Amos Rex art museum and its Generation triennal and cultural youth work specialist Young Culture (Nuori Kulttuuri). Activities are organised mainly in Finnish and partially in English and Swedish.

Young Visual Art is a discrimination-free platform. It follows Young Visual Art's guidelines for a safer space.

English articles and materials

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Nuori Taide was established in November 2018. It is operated by the Art Centre for Children and Young people and funded by the Ministry of education and Culture in Finland. The Young Visual Arts is cultural youth work specialist, specialised in visual art.


By involving one may have new experiences to improve their artistic hobby or practice. Young Visual Art invites all young art makers to involve wether they are beginners, intermediates, or soon to be professionals. Internship programme and research collaboration is open for English speaking students/researchers.

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International collaboration

Young Visual Art has involved several international projects. It's goal is to strength Nordic-Baltic and international collaboration of cultural youth work network. Sharing practices, leaning together, and offering new participatory projects for young people are the main interest of them.


Send us an inquiry, proposal or feedback to nuoritaide(a) or
call/text to us +358 50 308 3625 (time EET). We are using WhatsApp.