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Nuori Taide is a cluster of artistic and arts-based activities. It organizes national young art event as well as regional and local workshops, trainings and seminars in Finland.

Nuori Taide 2021 event

Nuori Taide 2021 is a one-day long online event targeted for 13-23 years old youth interested in  doing art and the field of visual art. Youth workers, art educators, artists, influencers, decision makers and all art fans are also welcomed to follow what topics and medium currently interest young art makers. The event gathers young art makers and professionals to discuss art made by youth and the contemporary art world. The event in mainly orginazed in Finnish.

Registration for young art maker to exhibit their art in the event has ended on 28th Feb 2021. Next open call is organized in early 2023.

The Nuori Taide 2021 event happened succesfully in 22 May 2021. Thank you for all participants and partners! 💐❤️



The Nuori Taide event is

paintings • videos • drawings • performances • photographs • comics • workshops • questions and discussions art world phenomena • artist quests • meetings


11.00 Opening and art workshops
11.45 Art break
13.00 Interview: Venla Vaattovaara, creator of Instagram page Muijavaara
13.20 Launch of a new interactive website Taide\Folio
13.20 Exhibiting young art makers
14.00 Art break
14.15 Video greeting by visual artists Olga Krykun and Liisa-Irmelen Liwata
14.30 Open artist meeting: Visual artists Maria Kojonen and Einari Hyvönen
15.00 Art break
15.15 All Youth Panel: Young art in the art galleries
Panelists: Johanna-Josefina Alanko, Svante Gullichsen and Aliina Kemppainen
15.45 Exhibiting young art makers
16.00 Performance by KEliel
16.10 Art break
16.20 Award ceremony of Värkkäilykisa maker competition
16.30 Exhibiting young art makers
17.00 The event ends

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Participation is free of charge. Join the Nuori Taide 2021 online evet in Nuori Taide's YouTube Live on Saturday 22nd May at 11-17. The stream won't be saved.

Click here to Nuori Taide's YouTube channel.

See the whole programme in Finnish by clicking here. 

Artist guests

Venla Vaattovaara

b. 1995, maybe better known as a creator of popular Muijavaara Instagram page, is an illustrator and media professional. Muijavaara is a project which combines 💯days 💯women 💯images as a whole bringing visible cool women influencing societal topics, such as promoting equality. In the event, Venla is interviewed about the topics of artistic practice and art in Instagram.

Click here to read more about Venla's work.

A portrait of a person with a big earrings

Yeboyah, Venla Vaattovaara

Johanna-Josefina Alanko

b. 1993, is a painter and ceramic artist working between Finland and Poland. Johanna brings to All Youth Panel discussion her experiences from art galleries in Finland and around the world. She will also meet young art makers in individual remote meetings to discuss their art making and art world. 

Click here to read more about Johanna-Josefina's work.

Henkilö katsoo kuvaajaa ja hymyilee

Photo: Mateusz Krain

Svante Gullichsen

b. 1994, is a self-educated photography artist doing both art photography and commercial commissions. His clients have been, for example Nelonen, Sony Music, and Stockmann. Svante brings to All Youth Panel discussion his experiences of conducting a first solo-exhibition as a young artist at the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Click here to read more about Svantes's work.

A person snding on snow and wearing pine branches

Gravity, Svante Gullichsen

Aliina Kemppainen

b. 2001, is a media artist whose background is in music and creative motion expression. She recently graduated from Kallio High School. Currently, she works with mediums of video and installation art. In the All Youth Panel, Aliina shares her thoughts about representation of young artists in galleries from a media art perspective.

Click here to read more about Aliina’s work.

Portrait of a person sitting on a floor

Aliina Kemppainen

Olga Krykun

b. 1994, is our international artist guest from Prague, Czech Republic. She works with several mediums, such as painting, video, installation, ceramics, and performance. In the event, Olga sends her video greetings to the Nuori Taide community where she introduces her artistic practice and answers to the questions collected from the youth.

Read more about Olga's work from this link, click and enjoy.

A person showing their art work which is a small sculpture

Garden of my hopes, Olga Krykun

Liisa-Irmelen Liwata

b. 1998, is a multidisciplinary artist whose work combines mediums of ceramics, sculpture, design, and media art. Her works have been exhibited in, for example, the Generation 2020 exhibition in the Amos Rex artmuseum and the Papercuts publication event in the Publics (2021). Liisa-Irmelen produces to the event a video greeting where she describes her work as an artist as well as answers to the questions sent by young art makers.

Click here to read more about Liisa-Irmelen's works.

Sivukuva hekilöstä joka on laittamassa jotain suuhun oikealla kädellä. Kuvan edessä teksti LOVE

Screenshot from Liisa-Irmele's video art work 'Related Lovers'

KEliel / Eliel Tammiharju

b. 1997, is a sound assemblage and performance artist. Keliel creates to the event unique performance. His works vary from journeys between settings and situations which often explore an identity and habits of social being. Keliel's works have been seen, for example, at the Launch event of Marimekko Kioski, Lahti Art Museum and the funeral of Lahti Institute of Fine Arts.

Click here to read more about Keliel's work.

A person standing in a porch next to a watering can


Maria Kojonen

b. 1989, is an artist working with several mediums including photography, video, installation, sound, and writing. Themes of social interaction, site-specificity, and meanings of language repeat in her works. In the event, Maria discusses art making and art work with participants in remote meetings and open artist meeting.

Click here to read more about Maria's work.

a person sitting on a floor next to a dog and having laptop open in their lap

Photo: Enni Suominen

Paavo Paunu

b. 1965, is an expert of visual art and has experience from several mediums, such as sculpture, printmaking, painting, installation, and performance. Paavo has earlier been seen as an artist instructor of Nuori Taide’s environmental art workshop in Rauma Lace Week. Paavo meets young art makers in the remote meetings.

Click here to read more about Paavo's work.

Paavo Paunu's sculpture

Paavo Paunu's sculpture 'Taivas Putoaa'

Mikko Ängeslevä

b. 1982, is a visual artist working with the mediums of painting and sculpture. In his works, parts of everyday life objects, places and associations connected to human bodies get new meanings. Mikko meets young visual art makers in remote meetings and discusses with them about art making and the art world.

Click here to read more about Mikko’s work.

Maalaus käytävästä, jolla on tuoli ja kaappeja

Mikko Ängeslevä, 1986 / 2021, Akryyli kankaalle, Duplo-legot, 109 x 125 x 50 cm

Harri Sippola

b. 1978, is a producer, scriptwriter and award-winning musician. Harri has involved several different arts and culture productions, such as Pori Film Festival, community art projects, and events of a culture collective. In addition, he has worked as a business advisor in the creative industry. Harri discusses the art world with youth in remote meetings. 

Read more about the Pori Film festival from this link. 

From this link you will see a trailer of the Samurai Rauni Reposaarelainen movie where Harri worked as a producer, actor and musician. 

Henkilö seisomassa seinää vasten ulkona

Harri Sippola

Elina Katara

b. 1975, is a visual artist whose works explore feelings of the materials and lines as well as stories and human figures. Her works have been exhibited in multiple art galleries in Finland and abroad. Elina meets young art makers in remote meetings and discusses with them about drawing and visual culture.

Click here to read more about Elina's work.

Hymyilevän henkilön kasvokuva

Elina Katara

Elina Holley

b. 1978, works on wide-ranging commercial and artistic projects. She has collaborated with LUX Helsinki Light Festival, Helsinki Design Week and Frame Contemporary Art Finland, among others. She has degrees in Illustration and Graphic Design but has never stopped learning. Elina is keen to help people with the creative process and their dreams. She is one the founders of the Ladies, Wine & Design from Helsinki community and a member of G-Rex and Mimmit peinttaa street art collectives. Now, Elina will get together with young artists in remote meetings where they will discuss their aspirations, artistic expression and art phenomena.

Find out more about Elina at the three following links: 

Link to Elina's Instagram.

Link to Elina's Behance.

Link to Elina''s home page.

A person standing in ftont of the digital painting mimicing flowers and watching to the camera person

Elina Holley

Einari Hyvönen

b. 1989, is a visual artist whose paintings represent the traditions of narrative and symbolic storytelling familiar to art history to convey very contemporary tragedies, or farces. His works have been exhibited in multiple art galleries around Finland. Einari meets young art makers in remote meetings and open artist meeting to discuss with them about youth’s art and phenomena of the visual culture.

Click here to read more about Einari's work.

A person standing in front of the coulds and having standing wooden doll above their head

Einari Hyvönen, photo: Petri Summanen

Mitja Mikael Malin

b. 1994, is a graphic designer and illustrator whose work often includes elements from comics, cartoons, video games, and mythology. Mikael meets young art makers in remote meetings and discusses with them about art making and phenomena of digital visual art.

Click here to read more about Mikael's work. 

Kuvitus henkilöstä, joka ulkoiluttaa kissaa

Liisa Pentti

b. 1958, is a dancer, dance educator and choreographer. In the dance performance, Liisa is interested in a post-modern motion expression, interactivity and finding new ways to express oneself. Liisa is a director on Liisa Pentti + Co dance group. She has performed in many artistic boards and productions. Liisa meets young art makers in remote meetings and discusses with them about dance and art education.

Click here to read more about Liisa's work.

Henkilökuvan henkilö hymyilee kameraa päin

Liisa Pentti


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