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Nuori Taide is a community and cluster of activities. It organizes national young art event as well as regional and local workshops and trainings.


Nuori Taide 2021

Nuori Taide 2021 is an online event targeted for 13-23 years old youth interested in art making and field of visual art. In the event, participants have possibility to meet visual art professionals and get feedback from them.

The event is primary target for amateurs but youth starting their art studies and professional career are also welcome. Registration is open for youth living in Finland and world wide. Please, notice that event is mainly organized in Finnish. Some parts are organised in English too.

Nuori Taide 2021 is a part of Nuori Kulttuuri Festival 2021 focused on dance, theatre, circus, music, literature, movie, and multidisciplinary art.


Content of the event

  • Art made by youth
  • Meetings of youth and professional visual artists
  • Art workshops
  • Nuori Kulttuuri Talks -discussion programme
  • Award ceremony of Maker Competition
  • Performances
  • Artist guests


The event offers new opportunities for participants to experience an art world. Participation is free of charge.


Welcome to showcase your art!


Artist guests


A portrait of a person with a big earrings

Yeboyah, Venla Vaattovaara

Venla Vaattovaara, 1995, maybe better known as a creator of popular Muijavaara Instagram page, is an illustrator and media professional. Muijavaara is a project which combines 💯days 💯women 💯images as a whole bringing visible cool women influencing societal topics, such as promoting equality. Venla is interviewed about the topics of artistic practice and art on Instagram in the Talks! X Nuori Taide discussion programme. Click this link to get know more about Venla's work.


Henkilö katsoo kuvaajaa ja hymyilee

Photo: Mateusz Krain

Johanna-Josefina Alanko, 1993, is a painter and ceramic artist working between Finland and Poland. Johanna brings to Talks! X All Youth Panel discussion her experiences from art galleries in Finland and around the world. She will also meet youth in individual remote meetings to discuss their art making and art world. Read more about Johanna's work from this link. 


A person snding on snow and wearing pine branches

Gravity, Svante Gullichsen

Svante Gullichsen, 1994, is a self-educated photography artist doing art photography and commercial commissions. His clients have been, for example Nelonen, Sony Music, and Stockmann. Svante brings to Talks! X All Youth Panel discussion his experiences of conducting a first solo-exhibition as a young artist at the current situation of the world. Read more about Svante’s work from this link.


Portrait of a person sitting on a floor

Aliina Kemppainen

Aliina Kemppainen, 2001, is a media artist whose background is in music and creative motion expression. She recently graduated from Kallio High School. Currently, she works with mediums of video and installation art. In the All Youth Panel, Aliina shares her thoughts about representation of young artists in galleries from a media art perspective. Get to know Aliina’s work from this link.


A person showing their art work which is a small sculpture

Garden of my hopes, Olga Krykun

Olga Krykun, 1994, is our international artist guest from Prague, Czech Republic. She works with several mediums, such as painting, video, installation, ceramics, and performance. In the event, Olga sends her video greetings to the Nuori Taide community where she introduces her artistic practice and answers to the questions collected from the youth. Read more about Olga's work from this link, click and enjoy.


A person standing in a porch next to a watering can


Keliel / Eliel Tammiharju, 1997, is a sound assemblage and performance artist. Keliel creates to the event unique performance. His works vary from journeys between settings and situations which often explore an identity and habits of social being. Keliel's works have been seen, for example, at the Launch event of Marimekko Kioski, Lahti Art Museum and the funeral of Lahti Institute of Fine Arts. Click this link to explore more Keliel's work.


a person sitting on a floor next to a dog and having laptop open in their lap

Photo: Enni Suominen

Maria Kojonen, 1989, is an artist working with several mediums including photography, video, installation, sound, and writing. Themes of social interaction, site-specificity, and meanings of language repeat in her works. In the event, Maria discusses art making and art work with participants in remote meetings. This link leads you closer to Maria’s work and texts.


Paavo Paunu's sculpture

Paavo Paunu's sculpture 'Taivas Putoaa'

Paavo Paunu, 1965, is an expert of visual art and has experience from several mediums, such as sculpture, printmaking, painting, installation, and performance. Paavo has been earlier seen as an artist instructor of Nuori Taide’s environmental art workshop in Rauma Lace Week. Paavo meets young art makers in the remote meetings. Read more about Paavo’s work from this link.


More artist guests will be announced soon!


Registration ended 28th of Feb.


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